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This 30 day devotional and Bible reading plan grew from a reading plan I developed for my children during the Advent season.  As a homeschool mom, I decided to create a list of scriptures to bring deeper meaning to our Christmas celebration.  So, I chose scriptures that prophesied the coming of the Messiah throughout the Old Testament and culminated in the reading of the Christmas story together as a family during the week of Christmas.

We loved the study!  Each day, the kids would open their Advent calendar and they would get some candy and a Bible reading for the day.  It truly did add deeper meaning to the season.  After a few years of using the plan, I began to share the reading plan with other families.  Everyone really enjoyed it.  So now I've taken the plan, reorganized it, and written daily devotionals to add to the experience.  We've also been working on some Christmas music to go along with the study.